1. I'll Wait

From the recording Darlin' Stay

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I'll Wait

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I will wait for you my dear
In the deepest cold
When the snow falls on the ground
And covers up the road

She said, it's where you heart was torn
It's where you laid it down
Until that hole is mended full
I'll wait for you in town

I'll wait for you in the Spring
When lovely flowers bloom
Breaking through the ice to show her face
In the shadows of the moon

She said, the moon may disappear
It will return again
To brighten up your darkest night
And warm our souls my friend

I'll wait my dear, I'll wait for you
As patient and as true
As the stars above that shine for us
In the early summer dew

In the heat of the sun's embrace
When all the land is parched
I'll wait within those long dry days
And hold you in my heart

I'll wait until my hair grows long
The changing of the tides
And dream of standing on the banks
With your warm hand in mine

And when I see your eyes again
When I touch your face
I'll kiss you sweet
And hold you close
Standing in the rain

Love washes away all my friend
It fills in all the space
She said, it's there in our embrace
Your heart will finally mend
It's there, she said, in our embrace
Our wait will finally end