From the recording Darlin' Stay

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Mud On My Boots

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Headin' down to New Orleans
There's a baby I've got to see
I took a left at Lafayette
Turned north you know I ain't there yet

Voices call through the night
I can't stop you know I just can't fight
How can it be these kinfolks haunting me
It's like they know where I outta be

And, you know when you're getting close
And, you know you've got to give up the ghost
Centuries of dusty memories
Making me want to stay, oh, ye yaille!

Eh Papa, eh maman
Quittez-moi, ca fait du mal
Land of dreams or so it seemed
Left us broken torn apart at the seams

Rolled up on the stony graves
Mud on my boots sun on my face
Haven't a clue what to say to you
But the ringing in my ears comes through