1. Darlin' Stay

From the recording Darlin' Stay

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Darlin' Stay

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My trunk is full of all my history
The songs, the tears, the hopes and broken dreams
Now I step into the wide open
As I wait on your return, oh darlin'
I hope you'll stay

For once I don't give a damn
My heart and soul have been patiently waiting
It's true what they say, you never know until it happens
But you sure know when it doesn't, don't you?

You know, I know, we're not perfect at all
But darlin' I think we're ready for the fall
The miles, the loves, the long nights into day
We've traveled these dusty roads only to come this way

Take my hand
Darlin' I want you to stay
If all we have is this moment
I'll forever live within this space
I never knew that the door could swing both ways
Oh, Darlin' why don't you stay?