1. Do Me A Favor

From the recording Darlin' Stay

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Do Me A Favor

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I could write you this story
Word for word and scene for scene
How you and I will rise and then fall apart
It seems that no matter how I frame it
It all comes back the same
I'm standing at the water's edge
As the boat pulls away

Do me a favor, cuz I may not be able
To find the words to say to you and walk away
Oh, and as time goes by, I can't help but wonder why
It always seems that my heart loses, right from the start

As the night draws in, I think about it all
Of how my longing chokes me
Within these four walls
Like the waves breaking hard
Onto the rocky land
Retreat to leave the empty shells
Stranded on the sand

Don't bother to find me
Just leave me where I lay
It's all or nothing
And, there's nothing more to say
Just remember when you go
Leave the door open for
It may happen someday
My love will come to stay