1. Only Dreaming

From the recording This Road We're On

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Only Dreaming

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I wake up the image of you fades away
The light in your face
Replaced by the light of day
When I think back I wonder
Should I have known
And would it have changed
The final outcome?

Selfishly I wonder
If you think of me at night
Do you lay awake
Wishing I was there?
Selfishly I want nobody else
To hold you tight
And I swear to you
The feeling is real
But, I'm only dreaming

We travel all around
Airplanes, hotel rooms, checking in
Repeat the same old lines
Laughing as you pour another gin

Remember the times
We rolled through the streets laughing
Your eyes flickered on something
You kept it hidden

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy
And, I know that it's the same for you
Still I'm dreaming