1. Last One

From the recording This Road We're On

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Last One

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Whatcha gonna do
When the music's gone?
You gonna hang your head
Wonder what went wrong

Well hoochie coo baby
It ain't what you thought
And you're all wound up
Waiting for the drop

You know baby, it's coming down
Cuz you're the last one in this town

What the hell were you thinking
When you left last night?
Headed out like you were looking for a fight
Well, don't you know it ain't gonna go that way
No, it'll be a slow, slow, painful heartache

You know baby, it's coming down
You're the last one in this town

So tell me baby
What to do
You've been beating around all these clues
Don't you know
Don't have to feel so bad
When you turn around
You realize what you had