From the recording This Road We're On

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My Time Ain't Done

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Well I tried to be a secretary
That couldn't be
And I tried to be a dignitary
What did I see
I tried to be a plaintiff
In the highest court
But, I ended up with paper cuts
And bruises of all sorts
And, I say, Oh, I say
My time ain't done

Free me from parishioners
Keep your crosses to yourselves
My ovaries are fine you see
Just leave them to themselves

Wait here just a minute
Are you asking me for real
If I should choose to stand and fight for you
Or just bend down and kneel?
And, I say, my time ain't done

My time ain't done
My time ain't done
Oh I tell you, it's just begun
So cool your jets
Put your guns away
Save it for another day
I tell you, my time ain't done

Well I tried to be a zealot
Learning to be free
Somehow the truth
Always got the better part of me
I tried to do my best
Follow proper law
I couldn't put my head to rest
With all the things I saw
I say, my time ain't done

I road the rails
I saw the tracks
I crossed more miles than Amtrak
I took the longest route I know
To come back the right way for sure
Ocean's right around the bend
I'm just taking it all in
Scrubby brush to scrubby pine
Salted seas and musky wine
I say, my time ain't done