From the recording This Road We're On

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Forever's Just For Now

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It started out two souls
Connecting over miles
Maybe it was the need
Reflected in our eyes
It seemed like the only choice
Was now or never
The fear of losing
Was greater than act of love

So, let's pour a drink
Take a bow
This time is all we have for now
This moment is all that we can hold
Dance and sing
Laugh and love
Chase the night
Until the sun comes up
And our times runs out
Forever's just for now

So we took the risk
Said those vows
Believing somehow we would make it through
What we both knew
A rocket ship of time and space
We burned right through the gas and flames
Watch the embers fade
We sit now in the darkness
Thinking of the time we spent
All the events
Under the line of ashes
A flicker of promise
But, we're all spent

We feared this time would come
Thought we'd pave a way
To see another day
And though the stars shine brightly
They shine for another's fate